Ultimate Mobile Wheel & Tire Company History

Established in 2008, Ultimate Mobile Wheel & Tire began servicing commercial fleets and residential customers with quality tire and wheel replacement services. Since then we have risen to become one of the most trusted names in Phoenix when it comes to tires and wheels.

Our company was built on a few key principals that still hold true to this day. We always strive to provide the customer with the best experience and best price at the time of installation or repair. Not only do we provide a quality service, but we also provide tires and wheels at a better price than local tire shops or dealerships.

Many of our customers are downright shocked at the prices for a complete set of tires fully installed.

We Service All Makes and Models

Besides offering competent and trustworthy service, which is hard to come by in the auto industry, we also bring the entire mobile tire shop to your front door.

Ultimate Mobile Wheel & Tire’s service vehicles come completely ready with all of the tools and equipment to properly install your tires and balance them at your location. Don’t wait in line – let the shop come to you at your business or home.

We make mobile wheel replacement in Scottsdale a breeze, and we make getting new tires easy, affordable, and convenient! Call today at 480-447-2211 for a FREE estimate.

Count on Great Customer Service Every Time

One thing that sets us apart from every other tire store in Scottsdale is we truly care about each and every customer that gives us their business.

We always seek to establish a long-term business relationship built on the premise of honesty and integrity.

During our service, either to your mobile location or in our store, we invite you to ask whatever questions you may have, and we look forward to providing you with the answers needed to give you the ability to make educated decisions about what rims and tires will work best for your vehicle.